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Care Options

Regardless of your health needs, Foundations can work with you to optimize wellness, reduce risk, or restore health. See the care options below.

Personalized Wellness

Whether you are generally healthy person, an athlete, a busy professional, or an individual living in our modern world, you have unique risk factors and system imbalances that can affect performance and daily activities. Personalized medicine can help address these factors so you can reach peak performance and thrive. You can address some of the different areas of wellness below, or an area of your choice:

Energy Production



Mental Processes/Cognitive Function

Heart Function


Personalized medicine at Foundations starts with a functional-medicine-focused Thrive consult, that takes into account your unique history and environment. In addition, genetic, biochemical, and nutritional testing are carried out to assess your body's functional status. This combination provides tailored strategies that target your risk factors and maximize wellness.

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Personalized Wellness

Chronic Conditions

If you are like many others suffering from a long-term or chronic condition, you may have endured months or years of persistent or worsening symptoms. You may have found that treatments alleviate the symptoms or slow down the course, but you still don't feel healthy. A functional medicine approach is different, and can be used to treat conditions like these, and more:

​Thyroid Dysfunction                                        Autoimmune Conditions

Food Allergies/Intolerance                          Irritable Bowel Syndrome             

Fibromyalgia                                                    Chronic Fatigue

Stress and Anxiety                                          Depression

When functional medicine is used to identify the root causes of illness, a lifestyle and nutrition focused approach can address these root causes, reducing or reversing symptoms, and returning you to health.

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Chronic Conditions
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