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About Dr. Comfort

Dr Comfort Onyiah Functional Medicine Minneapolis

Dr. Comfort Onyiah is a compassionate and skilled physician, who started Foundations for people who want personalized care that combines a holistic approach with cutting-edge medicine.

Dr. Comfort received her undergraduate degree in chemistry at Johns Hopkins University, and her medical training at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. After her Family Medicine residency in Baltimore, she completed a Preventive Medicine residency and obtained a Master’s  degree in Public Health at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Dr. Comfort is certified in Functional Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), She is also triple-board certified in Family Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Occupational Medicine.


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Education & Experiences

Franklin Square Hospital

- Family Medicine

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

- Preventive Medicine

University of Maryland

- Internship , Internal Medicine

Medical School

U. Maryland School of Medicine


American Board of Family Medicine - Family Medicine

American Board of Preventive Medicine - Occupational Medicine

American Board of Preventive Medicine - Public Health &

General Preventive Medicine

Functional Med

About Care at Foundations

Foundations uses functional medicine to provide personalized care and treat chronic conditions. Foundations offers prevention, optimization of wellness, and a pathway to healing. Much of current medicine treats each body organ separately, however functional medicine uses a systems-based scientific approach for assessment and treatment. This approach better reflects the connected-ness of our body organs.

Functional medicine also better accounts for how the world around you affects the world inside you. It can be used to evaluate the interaction between our genes, our micro-biome (internal bacteria), nutrition, environment, and lifestyle, all of which affect if, or how, a person's body will develop a chronic condition. When the underlying cause of a condition is identified, imbalances can be corrected, wellness can be boosted, and symptoms can resolve.

Welcome to medicine that addresses the root cause, so that you can be well again!

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